The POWER of Pace & Space

Can I tell you how I have lied to hundreds of magicians?

I told them my book, The Show Is The Mother of Invention: Advice on Packing Small, Playing Big & Living Large is about …get this …packing small and playing big.


Yes, it is about that. But here’s the 100% truth: the book is not ALL & EXCLUSIVELY about packing small and playing big. The topics covered in the book, like ….
Your Biggest Prop
Avoiding Visual Confusion
Comedy Crutches
The Big Free Props Available At Every Venue
Fire Replacement

…all these tools help a show no matter how big or small it packs.

Could they be more even more important to the performer whose props fit in a carryon bag? Probably, but they are very important to every performer.

Which leads to the topic of this post …


Miracles. Are. Not. Rushed.

A deliberate, unrushed pace can visually and mentally focus an audience on a small handheld prop, like a playing card.
The right pace, slowed down and sped up at the right times, can give something as potentially uninteresting — like the identity of a playing card — HUGE importance. The wrong pacing can bring little more than, “Oh, the four of diamonds. That’s cute.”

“But the magician wasn’t anywhere NEAR me or the cards!!”

When I perform the classic cards across with envelopes with two spectators, I have them at least eight feet from each other.
When I performed bill in lemon, the lemon was sitting up to 20 feet from me for most of the show.
When any number of magic greats perform a prediction (like Copperfield’s classic Graffiti Wall Prediction or Penn & Teller’s great Bottle Prediction) the prediction is very high in the air, sometimes up to the edge of the proscenium arch.

Would the method of these routines change if the volunteers, lemon, envelope, or bottle were closer?


Would they be less impressive to a lay audience if things were closer?


Before we move on, ask yourself,
“Where in the magic I already do can I better use pace & space?”

Pace & Space are among the tools that elevate tricks into miracles.

And that brings me to Dixon Magic’s newest release.

Card at Any Number
For Close-Up
For Stage
Born in the work of an early 20th century master magician
Routined for maximum impact

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