Five Minutes Of Interactive Fun
With A Climax That Pops!

“CHZ will give you something that is missing in so many Stand Up magic shows — unique interactive magic, that doesn’t rely on having a spectator on stage. Fun, Strong Magic, that lets them play with you.”
Jon Armstrong

An unrecognizable prop becomes an
every day fun item.
A dry & demonstrative classic becomes a
funny interactive game.
A trick without a solid climax now has an
applause-popping climax.

And one more thing: It packs in a carryon case and plays to the back of the room.

CHZ and MAWEEGE arrived on Friday.
Busy weekend but made time to watch both videos.
LOVE both items!”

Anthony Lindan, creator of The Incredible Suit Jacket Escape

“Got my CHZ today. THANKS! I’ve watched the video, read the script, played with the prop and have the words from your recent book swirling around in my head. And you’re not kidding when you say to keep it simple so you can interact with the audience!!
This routine is the epitome of that sentiment. The routine is so logical and topical. Thanks for making this available.
Now discontinue it!!
Rob Thompson, creator of The Pizza Paddle

The late Jerry Andrus’ Zone Zero is a classic of stand up magic. In Zone Zero a rectangular board of roughly 20 x 10 inches is shown. There’s a 4 inch hole in the middle. A rubber ball is placed in the hole and the board is flipped to show both sides and the ball is gone. The process is reversed and the ball reappears.

But like most classics, it is not without its challenges. Years ago when I began studying Zone Zero there were several challenges inherent in the routine and the published variations I wanted to — I needed to — eliminate for me to perform the routine.

Gotta have a presentation hook.

Talking about a “Zone Zero” didn’t cut it for me. Now understand, I am not saying it didn’t work for Mr. Andrus. He was the one of a kind of one of a kind characters and a legend. I simply think most performers (and definitely this performer) would better identify with a more relatable presentation hook.

In Corn Hole Zero your audience member plays the backyard game of corn hole with imaginary bean bags which become REAL when reach you in with an empty hand and take each one from the board.

Corn Hole Zero has a relatable presentation hook.

It must be interactive.

The original presentation of Zone Zero is very much of the “watch this cool thing” variety. That’s OK, but I confess that’s not the direction I lean when creating a presentation.

Corn Hole Zero has all the charm of the classic Invisible Deck presentation (“Take these imaginary cards …”) with none of the over exposure of that routine. A spectator in the audience tosses an imaginary bean bag towards your “travel corn hole board” and it becomes REAL! (And another spectator tries, and misses HA!)

Corn Hole Zero is original interactive FUN.

It must have a definitive, applause-popping climax.

The ball is put in the hole and vanishes and reappears.
The ball is put in the hole and vanishes and reappears.
Repeat as you wish.

That’s the original Zone Zero. While other performers have added a climax liquid production, consider the emotional, crowd-pleasing impact of the Corn Hole Zero ending:

Before the spectator tosses the last imaginary bean bag in air, she is informed:

“It’s GO TIME. The other tosses lead up TO. THIS. MOMENT!
You make it this time …YOU WIN THE PRIZE!”

She tosses …

You reach in the Corn Hole Zero board …

Did she win??
Did the bean bag go in??

Your empty hand reaches in and …with a dramatic pause of effort …pulls out …A TEDDY BEAR!!

It’s logical. It’s powerful. It’s freakin’ adorable.

Corn Hole Zero has a strong, definitive climax.

Fits anywhere – opener, middle, closer

Yes, a bottle production can be a solid ending to Zone Zero, but for most performers that means it must be an opener. Because of the smart prop use and presentation of Corn Hole Zero, it works as an opener, middle, or even a closer. Have the bean bag and bear in position, take out the Corn Hole Zero board and it’s not only go time; you choose the time.

Corn Hole Zero fits in your act without having to be crammed into your act.

CHZ plays to an audience of hundreds.

CHZ fits in a carryon bag.

CHZ is 5 minutes+ for your show.

CHZ is easy to do.

CHZ is interactive fun with an over-the-top, charming, applause-popping climax

Your Corn Hole Zero includes:

*Large Corn Hole Zero Board (Durable PVC measuring 19.5 x 11 inches)
*Special Corn Hole Zero Bean Bag*
*Corn Hole Zero Teddy Bear*
*Travel slip case to protect your investment*
*Full script and script modules you can add.
*Online video instruction


#1 Can you tell me more about Jerry Andrus’ Zone Zero?

The CHZ page goes live.
Then a few questions came in and I realized, “Whoa, Magic Dude. Not everyone has an obscenely large magic library built over decades.” In other words, not everyone is familiar with the late great Andrus effect, Zone Zero.

In Zone Zero a rectangular board of roughly 20 x 10 inches is shown. There’s a 4 inch hole in the middle. A rubber ball is placed in the hole and the board is flipped to show both sides and the ball is gone. The process is reversed and the ball reappears. This happens, with minor variations, 2-3 times.

Now you know.

#2 I want to give away the teddy bear each show. Do you sell the bears?

That’s the way I perform the routine. I give the teddy bear to the assisting spectator. It’s a wonderful “oooo ahhhh” moment. The expense is about that of doing a hat tear, and it’s much, much cuter.

If you’d like to have a 30 pack “Bag O’ Bears”, scroll down this page to the Bag O’ Bears purchase link.

I do share non-giveaway bear options in the script.

#3 Do I need to wear a jacket to perform CHZ?

Nope. A short sleeve T shirt and jeans would work fine.

# 4 Is CHZ difficult to perform?

Difficulty is a subjective thing to rate, but I’m going to say it’s very, very easy. If you have ever performed the sponge bunnies, you have performed a routine more difficult than CHZ.

#5 Is this a kid trick or an adult trick?

YES! Meaning, CHZ is one of those gems that plays great for ALL ages.
The playful fun of this routine, coupled with the teddy bear ending, make it a routine that crosses generational lines.

#6 Does it fit in a carryon bag?

You did not just ask me that. lol Of course, it does. The CHZ board is 19.5 x 11 inches.

#7 Is that YOU, Doc, on the one side of the CHZ board?

No, although with that mustache and my mustache I can see why you would think that. The script for CHZ refers to the carnival game origins of corn hole, and the mustached, top hatted graphic is a carny barker.

Corn Hole Zero was created by a pro for his own show, and is now available for your show.


Highly Recommended: Bag o’ Bears to give a bear away at every show!

For about the price of a hat tear (which is no where near as cute) you can give away the little teddy bear at your show. 30 bears only $60.

US orders Bag o’ 30 Bears is only $60 plus FREE s&h in the US when ordered with CHZ.

*Color may vary
1  Because of the size of the product, the shipping cost is higher than smaller props.