Psychic Cents – Mother Of Change Predictions

“This is a very clever trick and fooled me the first time I saw it. It’s perfect for walk around magic and resets quickly.”
Michael Close, Magic Genius & Fool Us Guru

“Just got it and read through it – GET IT!”
Anthony Lindan, Also a Magic Genius, and creator of Incredible Suit Jacket Escape

“I’ve performed Psychic Cents for a few test audiences (regulars & my wife) and wow this is a lean, mean WORKER! My wife asked if it used gimmicked coins as she examined them! 😂 then was extra dumbfounded. Thank you again for sharing such a strong, workable piece.”
Joe Diamond, A Genius Mentalist

This routine has been has been part of my repertoire
for nearly 30 years …

You already know the classic plot.
Spectators name a 2 digit number.
Performer reaches in his pocket and has that exact amount in change.

Here’s were my goals almost thirty years ago.
#1 I wanted to isolate the change prediction in an envelope on the table before the numbers were named. Coming out of the pocket, regardless of speed, can scream the method.
#2 I wanted a hook to bring the audience in and take them on a ride. The IOU does that.
#3 I wanted a quick reset for strolling gigs.

That’s what I created with …

Psychic Cents

The Wonder Worker (that’s you) brings out a business card wallet containing an small envelope with some pocket change in it.

Two spectators are asked to name ANY number between one and nine.
One says five. The other says four.

“Five and four. That’s fifty-four.” The envelope is emptied into the spectator’s hands. The spectator counts the change.

She has fifty-TWO cents.

The audience is less than impressed. The performer explains he knew the number fifty-four would come up, but he was short on change, so he has an IOU. He then takes an I.O.U. from the envelope — computer printed IOU if you wish, that reads “I.O.U. two cents”.

The envelope is now empty. And the crowd goes wild…

✔️It’s EASY to do
✔️NO nail writers (In fact, there’s no writing of any kind during the effect. The IOU is in the envelope and completely written before the effect begins.)
✔️The envelope and your hands are completely EMPTY at the finish of the trick.
✔️Resets in seconds
✔️It’s not a card trick (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)
✔️No expensive coin holder to worry about. In fact, no coin holder, period.

Video instruction plus instructional pdf.
Includes non-wallet wallets handling.

To avoid any problems with an autoresponder, your training will be sent to you via reply email. Most will be received within a few business hours.

Psychic Cents is only $20