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What do you do if you’ve lost your props and the gig is only a few hours away??

My free e-book will help.

It’s not only about …

“Your luggage with all your props is lost …”

It’s also …

The client calls you on the way to a close-up gig asking,
“Could you please do something for everyone at once? We have about 200 guests.” 

Or you’re driving to the gig and just realized your 10 minute routine in your 45 minute show is home on the couch.

Or you’re on your way to a party and your spouse tells you,
“Listen, I know your prop case is at home, but it would really help if you could entertain the folks for 20 minutes or so  …”

Or you’ve been a “close-up kinda guy” for years and you booked a last minute stand-up show (Hey! You needed the cash and, like Planet Fitness, this is a judgment-free zone, pal) and so what do you do? 

Or you arrive at the gig that the agent told you was strolling and the host says,
“The stage and mic are over there.”


When these last minute situations come up, it’s not the lack of props that’s the biggest challenge, as many of the “everyday objects” needed for tricks can be found on site (Can I borrow a few envelopes from your office?) or purchased at the nearest Walmart, Dollar General, etc. And because I’m assuming this isn’t your first rodeo, lack of knowledge or skill isn’t the challenge, either.

The BIGGEST challenge is the BRAIN-FREEZE that accompanies these situations.

Sitting in your favorite chair at home, you can easily make a list of 3-4 tricks you could improvise, but making that list is harder when the pressure is on. 

Quickly picking up the required props and not forgetting anything is tougher when the pressure is on.

And remembering to get ALL the required props can be a challenge when you’re at the store. 
The goal of my new book is to remove that pressure.

And good news: My new ebook is free.
More good news: it’s an ebook you can keep on your phone so you’re always ready

“This eBook, even in its pre-publication infancy, saved my butt…big time. The shopping list alone is worth the cost of the gig it saves…and then some. Doc is a working pro. He thinks like a pro. He thinks economically, but more importantly, he thinks like someone who knows how to entertain any group of people, at any time, no matter what. Doc can bring the funny, no matter the situation, and this eBook demonstrates that. You will benefit from reading his work. Any of it. This eBook will plug you into his brain as he triages emergencies like a pro – never once showing a bead of sweat. He’s done the work and is delivering it to you on a platter of silver. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
Michael Misko, magician and the “Magic Maker” in the World Premiere of Stephen Schwartz’s Magic To Do onboard Princess Cruises

Thank you very much for this book. I just got through reading it, and I must say that you are a very wise man whose experience shows in abundance. Some of the ideas you presented in this book are things that I stumbled across during my 50+ years of performing. You have put just about everything imaginable into one simple PDF file. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have “built a show” when my main bag didn’t make it to the airport. This book will save the workers a lot of trouble and worry!!!!!
Bill Palmer, MIMC, Merlin the Magician from the Texas Renaissance Festival

“Just read it. This is an amazing amount of great advice and crucial information for anyone who wants to be ready to perform, even when disaster strikes. This will be essential for everyone from hobbyists (who might be called upon to perform at their next party or cruise) to professionals (whose luggage may go missing).”
Eric Henning, professional magician & one of the stars of the long running Washington Magic

It includes a list of 40+ tricks that you can perform from props acquired from a nearby store, venue office, or kitchen.
It includes 30 routines, gags, and utilities you can use in your emergency show.
83 pages of show saving goodness.
It shares how to make sure your lost prop situation is a mole hill, not a mountain.

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