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I know what you’re thinking. “Oh, another newsletter that screams BUY OUR STUFF!”

That’s not what I do. Nope. Now, I would like you to buy my stuff, but I realize the first step in that is me buying something from you: your time.

So here’s what I’ll pay you: In my newsletter I’ll give you hard earned smarts, secrets, magic hacks, and the occasional routine.  All from a decades long and varied career – from cruise ships, festivals, comedy clubs, corporate events, school assemblies, and fooling Penn & Teller on Fool Us. Regardless of the frequency or infrequency of the emails, you’ll find them worthwhile.

It is the rare email that will just be a sales heads up. They will be brief, to the point, and let’s be honest – my stuff kicks butt, so you should have it anyway. 😉

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