Diary of Decision

This routine has been unavailable for over a dozen years. Every few months I get an email asking about it and all I can reply is, “Sorry. I have no more.”
That has changed.
Recently I found a small stash of Dixon Magic blasts from the 2011 past.
The Diary of Decision.

If you desire to perform strong mental magic that invites audience interplay, the Diary of Decision is worth your consideration.

“For centuries we’ve said playing cards – even a single playing card – could reveal a person’s innermost thoughts. Now you can prove it!” You explain to your participant that playing cards can actually reveal how a person feels about life’s biggest metaphysical questions. You offer to prove it. She removes a card from a deck and places it aside.

You ask her five questions of a metaphysical/afterlife nature, including:

  • Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in ghosts? etc.,
  • And a fifth question of her choosing and creation.

Now here’s the GREAT thing about these questions. You don’t just ask for a “Yes” or “No.” You also ask for a WHY?
WHY do you believe in ghosts …believe in destiny?
This is what lifts a routine from a trick to an INTERACTION.
And this interaction is at the heart of involving mentalism.

She picks up the Diary of Decision, an artistically crafted hard bound book with a gold foil embossed cover. The book has a personal thought profile for each card of the deck, including answers to the five questions.

She turns to the profile for her card:

  • The profile matches her first answer.
  • The profile matches her second answer.
  • The profile matches her third answer.
  • The profile matches her fourth answer.
  • And it even matches the answer of the question she created herself!


  • Plays big for close-up, strolling and platform.
  • At 4-1/2 by 6 inches,the Diary of Decision easily fits in your pocket, plus small gaff.
  • No memory work required.
  • Several routining options from virtually sleight free to entirely sleight free.
  • Bonus routines are built into the book for such special situations such as anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Online instruction

I recently found a stash of a couple dozen Diary of Decisions.
Once they are gone …they are GONE!

No pressure, but if you want to add this unique piece to your shows, get it now.
Supplies are very limited.

US orders The Diary of Decision is only $55 plus $10 s&h

International orders The Diary of Decision is only $55 plus $20 s&h