Lock Box

A “Certified Miracle” for Close-Up & Stage

“Well, look! It’s Doc Dixon, the world’s greatest magician.
Would you like to take a picture together?”

That’s yours truly, with financial publishing icon, Steve Forbes, the day after I performed a close-up show for him and other notables. And the quote above is how he greeted me.
Lock Box is one of the routines that most impressed him.

The Routine

Two decks of cards are brought out, red and blue. The participant has his choice of one. The magician takes what remains.

Both magician and participant shuffle their decks.
They put the decks back in their boxes.
They exchange decks.

The magician ask for a number, “Now I need one of you to select a number. It will be clear in a moment that a number from one to fifty-two would work, but I have found for maximum drama a number between ten and forty works best.”

Another participant says “Twenty-six.”

The cards are spread and a card is selected. The cards above and below the selection are shown to be different. The selection is shown. The jack of diamonds.

The first participant picks up the cased and shuffled deck that sits in front of him. He removes the cards from the case. He deals twenty-five cards face up onto the table. He shows the audience the twenty-sixth card. It’s the jack of diamonds.


Lock Box is an elevation and theatricalization of a method that goes back to the 1930s. It is these elements that elevate it to a miracle to laymen.

What You Get:

A 30 page detailed ebook devoted solely to teaching this routine in detail with video links to assist learning
Table of contents:
Overview of Methods
Overview of This Method
The Routine
Presentation Makes Miracles
The Close-Up Table To The Stage
A Non-Memory Version
One More Thing