A signed card to impossible location is a classic of magic.

Wallets, boxes, and envelopes are a few of the standards. It’s rare for magician not to have a drawer (or more!) filled with wallets and boxes that are designed to welcome signed cards.

These routines are, well, impossible. That’s what magic is supposed to be.

But wallets and boxes themselves are not impossible items themselves. Nearly everyone has a wallet, wooden box or metal tin in their home.

But what if the signed selection ended up in a place that seemingly did not exist — could not exist — and then suddenly, it did exist?

What if an ordinary object transformed into the impossible object right in front of the spectator’s eyes & minds?

What if the transformation itself fried the brains of the audience, only to fry their brains harder when the signed selection was inside the impossible object?

What if the now impossible object could be handed to the spectators, allowing them to removed the signed card?

This is 2xImpossible.

And for the workers out there,
what if it reset in 5 seconds,
had no critical angles,
only required basic moves,
and required no pocket space beyond a deck and a marker?

The Brain-Frying Moment:
when you hold up the deck at your fingertips and it “changes” into a box made of cards holding the spectator’s signed selection.

Screams. Gasps. And “%^&!!”

You receive:
•The 2xImpossible deck. Handmade and precision cut via a custom jig from an actual deck of cards, it’s an interesting object that is featured in a routine that is baffling.
•Detailed online video instruction.

Comes in your choice of Bicycle brand red or blue.

Normal price is $95 (plus s&h)
Sale price expires Monday, June 17, 2024 Midnight Hollywood time

US orders 2xImpossible RED is only $60 plus $10 s&h

US orders 2xImpossible BLUE is only $60 plus $10 s&h

International orders 2xImpossible RED is only $60 plus $20 s&h

International orders 2xImpossible BLUE is only $60 plus $20 s&h