One Move – The Dixon Drop Video

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how good something is.

“The Dixon Drop is outstanding! I loved it! I missed it four times in a row. I was very surprised when you turned the packets over and you’d found the aces. Very cool!”
Dr. Steve Bedwell, IBM Gold Cups Winner

In 2011 I released a DVD, One Move – The Dixon Drop. It featured performance and instruction of a (if I say so myself) revolutionary new card move, that I named the Dixon Drop, along with 6 routines for it.

Saturday, May 4, 2024, I performed at the Tampa Magic Festival Convention. My buddy and great magician, Geoff Williams, shouted out to me during my lecture, “Do the Dixon Drop.” Geoff had learned the move years earlier. So I performed the routine, Memory Aces, using the move.

I confess, I forgot how deceptive and killer this move was lol. My favorite moment was when I looked over to the very talented Steve Bedwell and asked, “Did that get an eye brow raise? LOL”

Along with Memory Aces, I had created several other routines that use this easy and revolutionary move. More about that later.

The move was created in my attempt to come up with a more practical method for a routine I discovered.

The Inspiration …

Inspiration for this effect came from Given The Slip, found in The Vernon Chronicles, Volume Three by Stephen Minch. The plot is great. The deck is cut into four facedown piles. The piles are turned over to show their face cards. The audience is encouraged try to remember the four cards. The piles are turned facedown again. Turned over one more time, the four aces are now at the face of each pile. I loved the effect. More to the point, I loved the plot and presentational hook of trying to remember four indifferent cards only to have them change into four aces. What I did not love were what I felt to be weaknesses in the original method.

First, the main sleight for this routine is very angly. As Mr. Minch wrote, “… the steal is completely visible from the left side, and must not be executed if people are seated there.” I experimented with blocking techniques to overcome this, but none were satisfactory.

Second, the sleights occur as the aces are being revealed. While this type of construction can work, it is far from ideal. It is usually best if the dirty work is done before the climax.

Third, the initial lay down of the packets requires a faro shuffle, three double undercuts and a slip cut. That is too fussy and contrived appearing for my tastes.

So after hundreds of varied attempts, the Dixon Drop was born.
It not only solved all the problems of the original method, I now had a sleight with utility for plots far beyond cutting to the aces.

….The Destination!

The One Move – Dixon Drop video is now available online!

Contents of video:
The Dixon Drop
Memory Aces
The JHD Sandwich
Fingertip Signed Card to Cardbox
The DRs Bet
Dixon Drop Force
Cards Across
56 minutes

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