Tap Into The Power Of WHY?

WHY is such a great question, even when it’s only implied.

And sometimes, it’s a not-so-great question when it’s asked.

Let’s look at a not-so-great example first.

Magic Boy: “Cards come in two colors, red or black. Pick one.”

Audience Member: “Red.”

Magic Boy: “Interesting. Why did you choose red?”

Audience Member: “Uh, because you just asked to me to choose a red or black, chuckle nuts.”

Why do some magicians ask these kind of questions? I think it comes from a good motivation. They want more interaction and more meaning (?) in their shows. I get it. But red or black in 99% of the situations, doesn’t offer much to work with.

Now let’s look at a great example.

Entertainer: “Do you believe in ghosts?”

Regardless of the initial answer, the follow up WHY interaction has a solid chance of being interesting. And yes, even if the answer is, “No, I don’t believe in ghosts.”

What makes the difference?

The red/black example is obviously a “crowbar” attempt to make a perfunctory choice into an interesting moment …but it ain’t.

The ghost example has some meat to it. It has some fun. And it extends beyond the individual you’re asking, as in, “OK, Louise, you believe in ghosts.” Looking at the rest of the audience, “How many of you believe there might be ghosts, too, Raise your hands.”

Oh yes. Now we got somethin’

I like these kind of open-ended, why-friendly questions in a magic routine. They are another way to turn possible dry puzzles into interactive entertainment.

These type of questions don’t usually come up spontaneously.
They are PLANNED for. The why-friendly questions are BUILT into the routine from the ground up.

A few classic Why-Friendly question effects:
Confabulation, Add-A-Number, Pseudo-Psychometry, and …

Tap into The Power of Why.

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