RESERVED! The Restaurant Magic E-Book

RESERVED: Valuable Information for the Restaurant Magician
by TJ Hill

TJ Hill wrote the working professional’s book on restaurant magic so you don’t have to.

I have known TJ for over twenty years. He’s from Pittsburgh, where I lived before I moved to Georgia six year ago. TJ is a busy pro, currently specializing in the fair market.

Before that, TJ built his local business as a restaurant magician, performing at up to EIGHT restaurants a week. As the cliche goes, when it comes to restaurant magic, he’s been there, got the t shirt, sold the t shirt, and then the selected card appears on the t shirt.

And a few years back TJ completely tipped his mitt about all of it in his book RESERVED.

A few weeks ago TJ and I were chatting about a gig and the subject of his book came up. In the time since he had written it, he hadn’t pitched it much to the magic community. Life and performing can get in the way of such things when you’re a sol0 operator. Oh, do I ever understand that!!

But here’s the thing:
I already had this book. And I know how great it is.
It’s a real world, meat & potatoes, no-fluff, this is how I did it and you can, too approach to restaurant magic.
I knew it received great reviews:

“Highly Recommended!”

Kent Cummins, Linking Ring Magazine

In his introduction to The Magic Menu – The First Five Years, Michael Ammar wrote, “If a little money saves you the years it would take to learn something from personal experience, then I’d call that a fabulous investment!” Those words were brought back to my mind as I read through TJ Hill’s new book on restaurant magic. The voice of someone who has clearly “been there and done that” rings loud and clear on every page.
Sure there are other books on restaurant magic, some good and some not-so-good, but in Reserved, alongside classic, time-honored advice regarding how to develop an act, find a suitable restaurant, land the gig, etc., – the kind of information that one would expect in a book of this type – you’ll find fresh ideas and creative solutions for new challenges that confront contemporary restaurant performers, even including such subjects as the effective use of social media.
All of the information in this book is gold and, what’s more, it’s all presented in a breezy, entertaining, and often laugh-out-loud style too often lacking in our literature. TJ Hill’s Reserved should certainly be on the “must read” list of anyone who is an aspiring restaurant performer but even seasoned workers will

Jim Sisti, The Magic Menu

So I say to TJ, “How ’bout I tell my people at Dixon Magic ’bout your book?”
TJ says, “Yes!”

NOW is the time for this book for your magic

Going through the horrendous shutdown was brutal for live entertainment and restaurants. And because restaurant magicians live in both of those businesses, it was extra tough on them. Thankfully, that experience is over.

So NOW is the time to get back in the restaurant magic venues. Regular restaurant gigs have supplied performers with steady income and a steady stream of prospects.

And with this ebook, TJ Hill is giving you the road treasure map to get there!

If you have ever wanted to get in the restaurant magic game — or better the way you play the game that you are already in — TJ Hill’s book is your one stop guide

Check out the Table of Contents of this 187 page book

And now this great resource can be yours at a bargain price.

RESERVED: Valuable Information for the Restaurant Magician Ebook
by TJ Hill is only $30