Trip To The Clip 2.0 & Shot Glass Shiver

My Favorite EDC Magic

Back in the early 90s I published my handling for signed folded card to money clip. As tricks tend to do over the years, it has greatly evolved, improved, and grown. I’ve recently created a instructional video for the new routine, but before I get to that, I want to talk about how the routine has grown.

Even if you don’t invest in the routine (and you really should 😉), there are lessons to be learned from its advantages and why it plays so well.

#1 “Wallets? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Wallets.”

OK. Calm down. I’m not going to put down Card to Wallet. It’s a classic and for good reason. But the kind of wallets most people carry today are a far cry from Dick Washington’s creation, commonly referred to as the Jennings/LePaul wallet. Those suckers were big. Thankfully, many card to wallet options currently sold are smaller hip pocket models.

But even with the smaller gaffed wallets sold today, there’s another consideration: In my normal everyday life, I no longer carry a wallet. I carry my iPhone in a leather case with room for my credit cards, and ID. I carry my cash in a money clip.

And from what I’ve observed, I’m not the only one who has abandoned a wallet. Yet despite the change in what people carry in their pockets, the signed card to everyday object is STILL a very powerful magic plot.

#2 Your EDC Shouldn’t Require A Stevedore
or Look Weird

EDC means Every Day Carry.
A stevedore is a dock worker that unloads heavy cargo from ships.

In the magic context, EDC refers to whatever magic props you choose to carry with you on an everyday (or frequent) basis. I will further narrow this definition down to what you carry on your person, not a backpack or briefcase, unless you always carry that backpack with you.

Smart EDC has value, both professionally and socially.
Smart EDC is not showing tricks every day and without discretion.
Smart EDC props aren’t a pain to carry and don’t make your pockets looks like cargo holds — hence the “no stevedore required” rule.
Smart EDC is being ready to share some amazement when the situation is right.

#2.5 In addition to packing light, I don’t want anything on me that even has a tinge of being weirdly prepared.

Sponge balls or bunnies in a close-up or strolling set?
“That’s great!!”

Same sponge bunnies brought out in a non-gig situation?
“He carries around BUNNIES?? Martha, don’t make eye contact. Take the kids to the car.”

I concede that this is a very personal choice. I’m certain I have some readers that are reading this post on their phone with a pocket full of sponge bunnies. If it works for you and your social circles, huzzah! But it’s not for me.

So what’s my most frequent magic EDC? A deck of cards, and the prepared money clip necessary for this routine.

And now we’re ready to look at the routine …

A money clip with a folded card tucked in the clip is displayed. The folded card is a prediction. Two cards are selected, with one of them being signed. “If the prediction is wrong you get the cash.”

🧨 🧨 🧨
HIT #1:
The folded card is removed from the clip. It’s not only a correction prediction, it’s the signed selection!
HIT #2: The money is taken out of the clip and shown to be five ones. It changes into hundreds and morethis “more” bumps up the impact of an already great effect.
HIT #3: “Buried in the stack of hundreds” is the second folded selection.

If needed, resets in about 5 seconds.

Password protected online instruction covers:
Trip To The Clip Method
Basics of Flash Cash, along with new enhancements to increase the impact
The how, why, and when of using counterfeit bills in Flash Cash
Simple, easy & quick prop making instruction
The powerful Innocence By Association Principle
A discussion of effective EDC strategy
Additional presentations

BONUS: Learn Shot Glass Shiver

“I stand behind my work,” says the wonderworker (that’s you) as he stuffs cash and a folded card in a shot glass. “That card is my prediction and that cash is my guarantee. If I mess up I’ll duke you the cashola,” continues the wonderworker with a swagger that lesser men needed to run with the bulls in Pamplona.

A card is selected and signed, “cuz I don’t want no funny business when my cash is on the line.” The card is lost in the deck. With an empty hand, you pick up the shot glass and dump out the contents, then slam the empty shot glass on the bar.

Will the crowd go wild??!!
The prediction is righter than right, because it’s the spectator’s signed card.

Easy peazy. Tequila squeezy.

You’ll receive online access to a detailed instruction video. You supply cards, bills, marker, shot glass, and an inexpensive money clip.

Price $30.

You will be emailed online access and password.