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“Really love Maweege. I’ll be using it for sure.
Video is full of good tips for people …

Maweege is a killer effect, man. I love that thing”
Canadian Comedy Magic Legend, Matt Disero

“Highly recommended.”
Fred Becker, Magic Great and Cruise Ship Pro
(He literally wrote the book on the subject.)

“What Fred said.”
Seasoned Pro and Resort Magician, Mick Ayres

Now let’s get to the details of Maweege*
*Pronounce mah’-weeg.
The Recipe:

1 Married Couple
1 Deck of cards
A pinch of a simple card force
1 Custom-made, virtually indestructible, 18X18 inch stage-size Tyvek®️ Cootie Catcher,
created by the magician who originated Cootie Catcher magic.*
1 “SCIENCE” envelope
1 Online training video to turn the simple into suuuuuper simple.
1 Carrying pouch. Because pros know it’s not enough to do the trick. You have to troupe the trick, too.

“If you realize magic thrives on situational comedy,
then let your audience enjoy this situation.”

Performer invites a married couple on stage to help with the next routine. The performer stands between them. “Let’s welcome Hope and Chip!”

“Now I asked you two to help me because you just look happy together. Your compatibility is through the roof. So I thought I’d test that. Confirm that. First, through magic, then through science.”

The husband and wife each select a card.

“Now what card have you chosen, Hope?”

Hope shows the QUEEN OF HEARTS.

“Now are any of us surprised? Such a great lady choosing one of the most powerful and loveliest of cards! Now Chip, we measure compatibility this way: the closer you card is to her, the greater the similarity, the more compatible you are. Show us your card.

Chip shows the TWO OF CLUBS.

Performer: “Well, this is awkward.”

“OK. Well, that was magic. Let’s see what SCIENCE has to say.” Performer reaches in his pocket and take out a large envelope labeled “SCIENCE.” He then opens the envelope and removes …A GIANT COOTIE CATCHER. This is a guaranteed strong laugh with a wave of childhood nostalgia.

The performer then takes the couple through the giant Maweege Cootie Catcher. They freely choose numbers and colors until they arrive at their Chosen Destiny …BUT FIRST THEY SEE WHERE THEY COULD HAVE ENDED UP!! Three comical alternatives and suggestions revealed one after the other.

Then their Chosen Destiny is revealed …


Then the cootie catcher is turned around to reveal the selected cards!!

Your Maweege Includes:

🎯Custom-made, virtually indestructible, 18X18 inch stage-size Tyvek®️ Cootie Catcher
🎯”SCIENCE” envelope (One of biggest & easiest laughs ever)
🎯Access to online training video to turn the simple into suuuuuper simple. The video goes beyond the “how it’s done” to “how to get the most out of it and why it works.”
🎯Carrying pouch. Because pros know it’s not enough to do the trick. You have to troupe the trick, too.
🎯BONUS: instructions and presentation for “The World’s Most Timely Bottle Production!”


Maweege was created by a pro for his own show, and is now available for your show.


US orders Maweege is only $65 $40 plus $10 s&h

International orders Maweege is only $65 $40 plus $20 s&h

*Everything Is Funnier With Monkeys, 1997. Written by yours truly.
I created Maweege in the early 2000s, but did not release it to the magic community.
Since then, other performers have published cootie catcher routines using my method, having independently created the method. Most were published without knowledge of my work.

And if you’re curious, the title “Maweege” was inspired by that all time classic movie, The Princess Bride.