Reign Man

The magic square is a classic of stand up magic.

But like most classics, it is not without its challenges. Years ago when I began studying magic square routines there were several challenges inherent in other routines I wanted to — I needed to — eliminate.

It must have a definitive climax.

“Look the rows add up to 73…the columns add up to 73 …the diagonals add up to 73 …the four squares add up to 73 …” While the performer’s delivery can certainly signal that “this is the end, so clap now,” I’d like the structure of the routine to make that clear as well.

The Reign Man routine is 95% magic square. The other 5% is a card trick that frames the routine at the front and back. The trick: A freely named card is the bookmark that’s been sticking out of the book that’s been sitting on your table from the beginning of the routine.
It’s that powerful.

Reign Man has a strong, definitive climax.

NO funky looking square with a few overly large numbers.

For some magic square formulas, the audience sees 9-5-11-78-2-6-77-9 …you get the picture. It just looks a little jinky.

The Reign Man square is always unsuspicious. It’s the kind of magic square your mother wants you to date.

Gotta have a presentation hook

“Listen up, name a number, now look at this paper” isn’t cutting it for me.

The first lines of Reign Man begin with funny and generate interest.

Must. Be. Bulletproof.

Some shows I do after a delightfully healthy meal and a good night’s sleep of 8-9 hours.
But the other 99% of shows might have me performing on less than optimal sleep.
The ability to do math — even the very simple math in a magic square formula — can be challenging when you’re at less than optimum. And the typical magic square is very unforgiving. You miss a single number and — BOOM — you’re eating a dog’s breakfast.

Reign Man is mathematically BULLETPROOF!!

Reign Man allows you to focus on the presentation because the performance is math- free.

Reign Man plays to an audience of hundreds.

Reign Man fits in a carryon bag.

Reign Man is 5-7 minutes for your show.

Reign Man is easy to do.

Reign Man, again, is BULLETPROOF.

Reign Man includes:
Reign Man gaffed deck
Reign Man book
Gaffed book mark
Travel case

Reign Man was created by a pro for his own show, and is now available for your show.

Reign Man is only $125.

US orders only. 
Reign Man is expected to ship 
September 30, 2022