The Jumbo Coin That Is Not

In an effort to share some close-up magic and Every Day Carry (EDC) love, here’s a variation on a Roth/Slydini routine I’ve done for a million years.

In the original routine, a half dollar (or for EDC, a quarter would be fine) vanishes and reappears several times, then transforms into a jumbo coin as it lands on a spectator’s palm.

Here’s the great coin master David Roth performing it. One difference is he does the large coin appearance in his hands, not the spectator’s hand.

My EDC version:

Coins are something I carry every day. A jumbo coin? Not so much.

As you might expect from a guy that wrote a book on packing small, playing big, and living large, I’m not a fan of carrying a bunch of extra stuff in my pockets just for the chance of EDC amazement. So if not a jumbo coin, what??

I want the coin to transform into that is:
1) the right size
2) makes theatrical sense
3) is something I usually carry

I use my wallet.*

The scripting is simple enough, as this routine is fun, quick eye candy, not Atlas Shrugged. “Fifty cents here. Gone. Fifty cents. Fifty cents. (Wallet) Fifty bucks.”

For deception’s sake, try not to put your wallet in the same pocket you stole it from. And to be clear, this works with a hip pocket wallet, not the larger wallets, like the classic Seabrooke or Kaps wallets.

If you want to learn the Roth routine, track down a copy of David Roth’s Expert Coin Technique by Richard Kaufman. I’m sure there are other sources on video, but my copy of the book was literally 12 inches from me as I typed this post.

Until Next Time,

Doc Dixon

*Recent change after having gone wallet-less. I use a wad of bills folded in half in a bill clip.

PS: While you’re here and you have your wallet out (See what I did there?), feel free to check out the store:


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