Sometimes You Wear The %^&* Magic Necktie

You know the ones I mean. They are greeted with a very dismissive tone every time they are brought up in an online magic forum. 

And I’d agree. 

95% of the time. 

Not every gig is the same. 

Or related to what Eugene Burger opined, “The house of magic has many rooms.” 

I more than agree those ties are out of place and a bad choice for most shows in the corporate and private party markets. Not so much clownish as they are just plain old ugly. 

But for a funky Mardi Gras themed event? Or any number of family-oriented strolling gigs? Or a county fair? Or the summer fun outdoor gigs?

Do I wear them? No. But I’m six feet four inches tall with a handlebar mustache so, as Hulk Hogan once described himself, “I’m a bit of a visual.” But for those events where the audience is  dressed a little funky, or the general event vibe is a little over the top, then go for it without guilt. 

All gigs are not the same. To bring the toolkit of one venue to a vastly different venue is limiting.


Doc Dixon

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