Let’s Shake A Few Barnacles Off Our Cold Crusty Hearts

At a recent gig I was very glad I Pack for Teddy Bear. Pack for Teddy Bear is the phrase I use to describe being ready with props for a routine or two that could feature a kid from the audience, even in shows that are expected to be for adults.

In this show, there was such a kid. Six years old. His name is Quentin. We did a Miser’s dream routine together. He was great. At the end of the routine, Quentin gave me a surprise big hug. A real rib breaker of a hug.

And that moment was easily the audience’s favorite part of the show. Mine, too.

And I’m not guessing that. As I was walking out the door, the client thanked me, for the show, shared a nice compliment or two, and then spoke for several minutes about the interaction with Quentin. Yay, Quentin!!

If I wasn’t ready with a pack small, play big, kid-friendly routine, there would not have been a “Yay, Quentin” moment in the show.

Better Than A Snowless Childhood

The desire to include a schmaltzy, sentimental moment in a show has scripted a ton of Snowstorm In China routines. And many come off as less than sincere.

Why not be ready to have a moment of REAL sentiment in your show? When you Pack for Teddy Bear in your adult shows, you are always ready for the opportunity.

Want to be prepared?

My book, The Kids Know Best, will not only help you pack small and play big for kid & family audiences, it even outlines a 30 Minute Magic Show That Fits In A Shaving Kit Bag!!

If you regularly perform for family and kid audiences, you’ll be able to pack lighter and deliver more impact.

If you only perform for kid & family audiences semi-frequently, you’ll now be ready to deliver great kid-friendly routines while taking up minimal real estate space in your prop case.

And for a limited time it’s on sale. The summer season typically marks in increase in the number of family centric gigs, so be prepared. Get The Kids Know Best and SAVE TWENTY SMACKERS!

US orders The Kids Know Best $50 $30 plus $10 s&h.  

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