Photo Kindness Part One

Her: May I take a picture with you? 
Me: Of course. I’m honored. What’s your name? 
Her: Linda
Me: Where are you from Linda? 
Her: Orlando.
Me: Great place. I perform there occasionally. 
(Takes pic.) 
Me: Did the pic turn out OK? No heads cut off? 
Her: (Laughs) Nope. Thank you. 
Me: It was my pleasure. 

As opposed to …

Her: May I take a picture with you? 
Me: Sure. 
Her: Thank you. 

Listen, I’m not going to say that treating people like, you know, people, will necessarily lead to new clients. And it won’t necessarily lead to a longer lasting relationship with a current client, though it might. That would be great, but that has nothing to do with the motivation for this. It is simply a more pleasurable way to interact with others. 

It’s like the reciprocating thank yous that occur when you buy something. You thank them because you wanted the product more than money and they thank you because they wanted the money more than the product. Journalist John Stossel calls this the “Double Thank You Moment.” In our scenario, they want the pic and, hopefully, you enjoy the honor of someone asking you for one. 

Don’t rush through these moments. They are special.


Doc Dixon
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