Photo Kindness Part Two

“Can my kid take a pic with you?”

This post is for comedy magic performers working family events, like shows at fairs, festivals, amusement parks, you name it. This post may not be for the mugging averse, but I think it will resonate with the schtick friendly.

Here’s my challenge to you: pick a pose that you can strike with a kid or kids that’s …
#1 Funny
#2 Shows your hands to avoid any appearance of impropriety
#3 Requires minimal or no props, because the last thing you want to worry about is “Where’s that photo thing??!!”

Why? Why not just do a a normal stand next to each other and smile pic?

Because it will make people happier.
Because they’ll look at a silly, funny pic many more times than a dull one.
Because it will make people happier.
Because you might get another booking from it.
Because it will make people happier.
Because it will make you look better to the venue that booked you.
Because it will make people happier.

You know, maybe I’m getting sappy in my dotage, but find myself looking for ways to share kindness in my performances where I’m not tracking the results like an email sales funnel.

Example to get you started: you and the kid apparently “fight” over a magic wand with both of your gripping it. That’s it. Simple stuff. You mug. The kids mug. Simple stuff. It will make people happier.

Don’t rush through these moments. They are special.


Doc Dixon
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