One Is None. Two Is One.

There was a TV commercial from an eyeglasses chain a few years back whose pitch was “two pairs of eyeglasses for the price of one.” In the commercial a big, shy looking guy would sheepishly say, “I lose things.” Somedays I feel like that guy could be my spirit animal. 

We have all been there. Two minutes from show time — or worse, ten minutes INTO our show — and we realize we forgot that little fill-in-the-blank.

While having a backup thin model sawing is a bit pricey, there are many small props where the investment in a backup is very small in dollars and space and the reward in peace of mind and competence is very big. Here’s a quick list of those props. If you use them, have two. 

Thumb tips
Nail clippers
Nail writers
Gimcracks (or whatever around the neck wireless microphone holder you prefer) 
Dye tubes
Sponge balls
Shot glass (Wait staff can take these thinking they’re bussing a table.)
Shot glass covers
Electronic doodads (you know, USB cables, adapters, etc)
Decks of cards
Miser’s dream coins
The adhesive-backed fake gems that stick on Audio Ape remotes that enable them to be activated in the pocket through the material of the trousers.1
Under lapel match lighters.2

And whatever is in your case, costs less than twenty bucks, and fits in your hand.

Until Next Time,

Doc Dixon

PS: Check out the Corn Hole Zero Pre-Sale and the CHZ FAQ.

1  There is a distinct possibility that this was added to the list 10 seconds after the stick on gem fell off my Audio Ape remote.
2 I’ve never used an under lapel match lighter doo-hickey, but I’ve seen enough acts use them that if I did use one in my act I’d have at least three under my lapel.

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