Wow! The pre-sale of Corn Hole Zero began less than 24 hours ago and BOOM!

Our most popular release EVAH!

With that mind, here are a few of the questions that have come up from the launch.

#1 Can you tell me more about Jerry Andrus’ Zone Zero?

The CHZ page goes live.
Then a few questions came in and I realized, “Whoa, Magic Dude. Not everyone has an obscenely large magic library built over decades.” In other words, not everyone is familiar with the late great Andrus effect, Zone Zero.

In Zone Zero a rectangular board of roughly 20 x 10 inches is shown. There’s a 4 inch hole in the middle. A rubber ball is placed in the hole and the board is flipped to show both sides and the ball is gone. The process is reversed and the ball reappears. This happens, with minor variations, 2-3 times.

Now you know.

#2 I want to give away the teddy bear each show. Do you sell the bears?

That’s the way I perform the routine. I give the teddy bear to the assisting spectator. It’s a wonderful “oooo ahhhh” moment. The expense is about that of doing a hat tear, and it’s much, much cuter.

If you’d like to have a 30 pack “Bag O’ Bears”, go to the CHZ page and scroll down to the Bag O’ Bears purchase link.

I do share non-giveaway bear options in the script.

#3 Do I need to wear a jacket to perform CHZ?

Nope. A short sleeve T shirt and jeans would work fine.

# 4 Is CHZ difficult to perform?

Difficulty is a subjective thing to rate, but I’m going to say it’s very, very easy. If you have ever performed the sponge bunnies, you have performed a routine more difficult than CHZ.

#5 Is this a kid trick or an adult trick?

YES! Meaning, CHZ is one of those gems that plays great for ALL ages.
The playful fun of this routine, coupled with the teddy bear ending, make it a routine that crosses generational lines.

#6 Does it fit in a carryon bag?

You did not just ask me that. lol Of course, it does. The CHZ board is 19.5 x 11 inches.

#7 Is that YOU on the one side of the CHZ board?

No, although with that mustache and my mustache I can see why you would think that. The script for CHZ refers to the carnival game origins of corn hole, and the mustached, top hatted graphic is a carny barker.

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