Zoom Show Audience Etiquette For Magicians a.k.a. “Stuff That Really Shouldn’t Have To Be Said, But Apparently Does.”

So you’re a magician? Cool.
Going to watch another magician do their Zoom show? Very cool!
Here’s a few tips to avoid being that guy.

Put away the cards. Sure, your diagonal palm shift needs work. Do that work away from the other performer’s Zoom cameras. And that means before, during, and after their show.

Don’t wear theatrical clothes. You’re a “civilian,” not the performer in their show. (Exception: Jeff McBride. Whatever he does is all good. Jeff is the man.)

Clap. Yes, that’s a stock bit you saw coming. And? Your point? Clap and act like a non-magician audience member.

Clear your background of any magic paraphernalia. Again, you’re a “civilian,” not the performer. Move the four inch dice, Fool Us trophy, and your poster off camera.

Clean your electronic background of magic. When you turn off the video of your Zoom account it should go to a civilian name, not to the Amazing Tuchas or your logo.

Cooperate. Unless you have a very good reason, when the performer ask you to turn on your video, turn on your video. Your ignoring the suggestion can encourage others to do the same. Few, if any, Zoom performers want an audience of people turning off their cameras.

Have fun in the Zoomiverse, magi.

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