Woofle Dust July 17, 2023

Welcome to the first Woofle Dust post.

Woofle Dust will be what I call posts with no unifying theme, other than it’s a bunch of good stuff I’d think would be helpful for you to know about.

For you youngsters out there, woofle dust was once a popular presentational conceit of dubious efficacy. Have something hidden in your right hand you want to ditch while your left hand holds the thingamajig? Then reach inside you right pocket, ditch the doohickey, and come out and mime sprinkling woofle dust on the thingamajig.

Yep. Parts of Tarbell didn’t age that well, either.

If you thought cootie catchers were a challenging fold, this will help.

Template Maker is a site that gives you templates for foldable paper packages. If you need the template for a custom sized envelope, box, bag, etc, this website has your back. Thanks to the wonderful Steve Bedwell for sharing this gem.

A Great Legacy Continues

I recently learned that many of the props of the late great Scott Alexander are now available at Hocus-Pocus. I currently don’t know the details or the extent of amount of material available. If you’re interested visit their website.

Drinking Single Malt In Front Of Five Year Olds

The shot glass ending for the egg bag is just about perfect. It’s a small, but still impressive liquid production that scores well. Several years back I planned on performing it in an association gig in Arizona, only to discover the audience was much more family-oriented than I originally thought. 

Instead of an egg, I used a small golf ball size fake orange I bought at a craft store. 

Instead of whisky (aka watered down coffee), I put orange juice in the shot glass. 

Right before I produced the shot glass I looked at the kid on stage with me and said, “I think you squeezed that little orange too hard …because now …(produce glass) it’s orange JUICE!” 

I drank it down, secure in the thought the audience didn’t know it was a screwdriver.

Thanks for stopping by.

Doc Dixon

PS: While you’re here, check out the store, and if your timing is right, take advantage of the Reign Man Flash Sale!

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