Woofle Dust #2

Woofle Dust is what I call posts with no unifying theme, other than it’s a bunch of good stuff I’d think would be helpful for you to know about. For you youngsters out there, woofle dust was once a popular presentational conceit of dubious efficacy. Have something hidden in your right hand you want to ditch while your left hand holds the thingamajig? Then reach inside you right pocket, ditch the doohickey, and come out and mime sprinkling woofle dust on the thingamajig.

Yep. Parts of Tarbell (both the book and the author) didn’t age that well, either.

Hair Ties > Rubber Bands

I’m not talking about rubber band magic, so calm down Joe Rindfleisch. I’m talking about using hair ties instead of rubber band for binding purposes, like the tossed out deck.

From my experience, hair bands last longer, don’t dry out, don’t break unexpectedly, and stay looking clean and neat. They fit in well with my “set it and forget it” prop mentality. Here’s an Amazon link for a near lifetime supply. Try it.

Ryan Pilling Is Not An Axe Murderer

But he does create some very interesting magic. I recently purchased his Square Hole routine. I haven’t yet cracked the nut on what I will do with it, but I am near certain there is something there. Something pretty special, at that. Check that out and other stuff in his store. He’s worthy of your attention.

And just to be clear, as far as I now, Ryan Pilling is (probably) not an axe murderer.

The Appropriate Amount Of Egg Safety

I occasionally do a trick with an egg. In my prop case I carry two eggs. One to use. One for back up. Here’s the challenge: how to safely troupe two raw eggs?

Most magicians use one of the egg carriers made for camping. (On an unrelated to magic note: exactly who are these people camping with eggs?) Most of these carriers are made for SIX eggs, so magicians end up with a carrier that unnecessarily big or altering the egg carrier. I mean, if I need FIVE back up eggs in my case for a one egg trick, it’s time to find a new line of work. Is the bomb squad hiring?

Imagine my happy-happy-joy-joy when I found this bad boy. The perfect egg carrier for magicians. TWO eggs. One for show. One back up. Click on the pic to get one. The page even has a video for readers who are more visual egg learners.

My New Book On Kids Magic

I’m not going to say much about it now, other than …
1. It’s coming out very soon.
2. It will be useful for you if you’ve done zero kid shows or 1,000
3. And, yes, it’s deeply rooted in my “pack small, play big, and live large” philosophy.

Until Next Time,

Doc Dixon

PS: If you’d like to learn to pack small and play HUGE to the back of the room, order my new book, The Show Is The Mother Of Invention. As of August 31, 2023, the first printing is almost sold out with only about less than 20 books left. Act now!

PS#2 If you’re looking for a great packs small plays huge routine, check out Reign Man, the KING of All Magic Square Routines! (For some reason, probably a Facebook post I’m not aware of, these have been moving off the shelves much faster than normal.)


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