Trust, But Verify

The cups and balls.
The linking rings.
The cut and restored rope.

These are just a few of the classic tricks that benefit from the props being inspected by a spectator before the trick commences. We have all heard the spectator theories, “Those are trick cups …that’s a trick rope.” Wrong. “Those are trick rings.” Not so wrong. A well managed spectator inspection goes a long way in squashing these theories. 

Also, a well done, brief prop inspection can add a gravitas to a routine, as in, “Well, this must be some sort of miracle …he handed out the rope to make sure we would know that …”

A prop inspection can add laughs. Watch the late, great Denny Haney performing the canvas covered trunk, and you’ll see proof of that. The silent cueing of the spectator to get in the trunk with Lee is comedy gold.

Some magicians think inspecting props slows down the routine and is boring. Not if the process is entertaining and well done. We’re not talking, “Get a DNA sample from each cup.” A simple, “Reach inside each cup and you’ll see they are what they are — old clunky copper cups.”  

But you know what else can be boring? The bored spectator watching a performance, mumbling under his breath, “Not impressed. Those are trick cups (or rope or rings).”

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Doc Dixon

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