The Vanishing Inc Fire

Brutal. Like you probably did, I saw the news of the Vanishing Inc warehouse fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but that’s obviously a big hit to the business to recover from.

Within 24 hours talk of helping VI through this by purchasing a VI downloads was appearing on magic Facebook pages. Gotta love that spirit.

So in that spirit, here are a four of my favorite Vanishing Inc downloads.

Learn Bar Magic with Bibik
Bibik, a friend of several decades, is very Old School. If you have read more than a few posts on this blog, you know that’s a big compliment coming from me. Great stuff.

Peter Pelikaan
I love Pelikaan’s packet tricks. I don’t care if I ever do any of this material, it is so fun to watch. These aren’t your father’s packet tricks.

Jamy Ian Swiss Cups & Balls Masterclass
There is always something to learn from listening to a performer discuss a routine he’s lived with for years. Always. This session is no exception.

Troy Hooser’s Coin Melody
How smooth is Troy’s coin work? Like buttah.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Josh, Andi, and the Vanishing Inc. team.


Doc Dixon

PS#1: Only AFTER you have visited Vanishing Inc, be sure to check out our store.
PS#2: And be sure to check out two of our recent releases, 2xImpossible and the Diary of Decision.

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