The Value Of Schmaltz, Plus The Greatest Valentine’s Day Trick & 2nd Greatest Wedding Trick

Schmaltz is a delightful Yiddish word.

Webster defines it as “excessive sentimentality.”

I would reply to that definition by saying, “Excessive? Not if the audience loves it!”

I spent a good portion of my holiday season performing Christmas themed shows for a decade long client of mine. In every single show I performed Snowstorm In China.

No, I didn’t say, “It never snowed when I was a child.” (That’s David Copperfield’s script.)
No, I didn’t bring out a snow globe. (That’s the genius of my friend, Peter Samelson.)

My script centered around a traveling the world as a performer after growing up in a small steel town only a few miles from the venue. The script is tailored for the venue, and has laughs, interaction, and, yes …

It has schmaltz.

I apologize for nothing.

If the decision to perform Snowstorm In China rested in my preferences, I would have stopped long ago.
If the decision to perform Snowstorm In China rested in the trick itself, I would have stopped long ago.

The decision to perform it rests in experiences like the ones I had after the first year I performed it. In the second year patrons came up to me and asked, “Are you going to do the snow trick?” This didn’t happen only once. It happened many, many times. I got the message. The Snowstorm returned. The audiences loved the …schmaltz.

Schmaltz Can Be In Card Tricks, Too!

I created the routine Heart Transplant decades ago and recently came across a hidden, unknown stash of the necessary gaffs.

I like to think of Heart Transplant as the #1 Valentine’s Day routine and the #2 wedding routine.1

It’s a variation of Vernon’s Plucking The Pips where hearts are “plucked” from one card and “put” on another, except that the hearts end up in odd places and break, only to restored in the end!

That’s the plot, but here’s the feeling.
At the end of the trick you’ll be holding a four of hearts, with none of the pips in the right place and one of the hearts is broken.

Then you ask …a little girl, grandma, the new bride …to touch the messed up four of hearts. You show it now and it’s as it should be and you say,

“That shows a lovely lady can mend a broken heart, and now our hearts are in the right place.”

You will now get an involuntary “ahhhhhh” from everyone watching. They will love you …and that schmaltz.

They are available now as long as supplies last.
Get yours now in time for February and Valentine’s Day.

Comes with gaff and online video instruction of several handlings, including the one in the video.

I confess, while the video shows you the routine, it can’t begin to give you an idea of the warm feelings the ending line creates.
Only common sense will do that.

US orders only Heart Transplant is only $20 plus free shipping  

Place an order over $100 and we’ll toss one in your order as a gift!
Offer expires January 31, 2024


Doc Dixon

1 You gotta give props to Anniversary Waltz, but who says you can’t perform both?


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