The US Thanksgiving Edition 2023!

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY here in the U.S.!!!

Yep. Thanksgiving! Sure, you could celebrate the day without performing magic for your kith and kin, but what kind of weirdo does that??


I realize most magic dealers are all screaming “BUY BUY BUY” this weekend. Not the Old Man here. Nope. Not ol’ Doc Dixon. I’m a giver.
Like Ann-Margret1 traveling half away around the world to entertain the troops.
Like Bob Backlund jobbing the strap to Diesel.
Like a politician chumming for votes without the statist ickiness.
Yep. I’m a giver.

These write ups will not have detailed methods, as if you’re reading this page, you should already know a few ways to do each trick.

#1: Selected card in turkey’s butt.
(Dunninger2 used to kill with this.)

Someone is forced to select a card. Then the card is lost in the deck. The cards are spread facedown. One card is face up in the deck. It is NOT the selection. (What sort of 2 faced treachery is this?? Hint. Hint.) The rest of the deck is searched. No selection there, either. Later in the meal, long after the magician is forced to leave the dinner for, well, you know, any number of awkward offenses, the meal begins. Upon reaching in the stuffing filled avian anal cavity, a card is found.

Is it the selection? Probably, but who cares? By this time Uncle Stan realizes he already lost five large on the Cowboys and is seeking solace in a bottle of Jack.

#2 Psychic Marshmallows & Sweet Potatoes
(Francis Carlyle was so impressed he stopped punching his twin brother.3)

  1. Pick two random single digit numbers.
  2. Add them together.
  3. Multiple them by 9 to get a new number.
  4. If the new number is one digit, go to next step. If it has more than one digit, add all those digits together to get a new number and go to next step.
  5. Subtract five from that number.
  6. That last number is your magic marshmallow and sweet potato number.

Bring out casserole. It looks like this:

Prepare yourself. Ladies swooning in three, two …

Wait. Don’t tell me you’re not having the sweet potato casserole with marshmallows?? I pray for your soul. Next thing you know, you won’t be having the green bean casserole with French’s® Original Crispy Fried Onions! My grandfather didn’t fight the Ruskies at Little Big Horn and Iwo Jima so you could commit culinary heresy.

Oh well.

Happy Thanksgiving!
If you’re reading this, I’m thankful for you.4

Doc Dixon

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1 I once met Ann-Margret on a movie set. #Merica
2 Could have been Kuda Bux. To be honest, it’s been a long day and I forgot what name I originally arbitrarily chose for the joke.
3Joke based on a true story.
4 Probably

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