The Power Of Multi-Tools

Magic isn’t the only thing I geek out on.

Here are a few topics I geek out on to one degree or another:
Universal monster movies, Robert Parker Spenser novels, chili, economics, Doctor Who, Norm MacDonald (is this starting to read like a very odd dating website profile?) and, the starting point for this post, multi-tools.

Proof: A tweet from 2018.

I like taking the multi-tool concept to parts of my act, meaning I like it when a single prop can serve more than one purpose within the show or case. Obviously not every prop should be expected to do this, but there are dividends when it happens with a few.

This idea can manifest itself theatrically with callbacks and running gags.
It can manifest itself functionally with better case packing.

#1 If a prop does two things, it’s one less prop to pack.
#2 It allows space for other props.
#3 It can give a thematic unity to a show
#4 It can provide an awesome callback to an earlier routine.
And perhaps the most rubber-meets-the-road benefit
#5 In case you need extra time in your show, you won’t panic. You’ll immediately realize, “I’m good. The XYZ prop can also do this.”

Here are two ideas for applying this to DixonMagic routines:

#1 The teddy bear appears at the climax of Corn Hole Zero. “What’s that tied around the bear’s neck? Is that a green ribbon? No! That’s the spectator’s $20 bill that vanished earlier in the show!”

So now CHZ delivers the climax of your borrowed bill routine, too!

#2 Perform Reign Man: King Of All Magic Square Routines with a book used later in the show for a book test.

There’s a nice topical synergy that happens with this when the book is especially meaningful to the performer.

Now, if you have Corn Hole Zero or Reign Man, you’re welcome LOL. You have a way to further integrate both of these routines in your show. If you do not have these routines, you have yet another reason to purchase them 😉

What can you do with this multi-tool approach in your show?

Obviously, only you can answer that question. The point of this post is this question is a good one to ask. Here are a few off the top of my head:
a miser’s dream bucket can catch the water from a hydrostatic glass
a cocktail shaker can be a miser’s dream bucket and a container for Shake, Shuffle, and Twist
a deck of cards can perform six card repeat, card across, and card in mouth
a tossed deck plus a faro shuffle from other cards becomes a Koran deck
a Himber wallet can contain a six bill repeat and Kaps’ Eleven Bill Trick.

Right now DixonMagic is in the midst of the Canada/Amazon sale, named in honor of a road trip I’m taking in a few weeks. There’s not better time to get a big bargain on great magic. Details below.

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