The Non-Exploding Torn & Restored Newspaper

The Koran-inspired Gene Anderson torn and restored newspaper was a part of my stand up set for years. If it has a downside, it’s when it’s over. When the newspaper is tossed back into the case it will unfold like a quickly blooming flower, and take up space, blocking easy access to other items in the case. 

Here’s my solution to the problem. Before the performance, I wrapped a rubber band around the prepared newspaper. It’s folded in half, then thirds, much like you’d fold a newspaper if you put it under your arm. When I picked up the newspaper to perform the trick, I removed the rubber band and put it on my wrist. Tear the paper. Restore the paper. Then I folded it up as it was originally folded when I brought it out and wrapped the rubber band around it. Now, when I tossed it back in your case it remained tightly wrapped in a bundle, allowing easy access to my other props.

I admit, many readers might not think this is the most earth shattering thing they’ve read in magic, but I love this kind of stuff. It’s a near effortless solution to a nagging problem. It didn’t make the trick better. It made the show better.
Again, I confess, I love this kind of stuff.

Tomorrow: Another effort saving, show improving solution.


Doc Dixon

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