Nearly 40 Years Of Classic Passing

Recently a magician friend posted a performance video online that used the pass in a visual way. By visual way, I mean the selection was placed face up in the middle of the deck and visually arrived on top. I posted a comment along with the video you see below.

I commented, “As I begin to type this it occurs to me I’ve been doing the pass nearly 40 years. So, one, I’m old, and, two, my pass isn’t as near as good as it used to be lol. While rocking the wrist isn’t bad, I don’t think it is preferred for a *visual* goal.When you rock the wrist on a visible pass revelation, you are taking the top out of the deck out of view for a moment– the opposite of what you’d want for a visible revelation.If you want to showcase the appearance, I think it’s preferred to let the top be seen, do the pass, and the selection appears.I shot a quick video of a riffle pass. This isn’t as good as I used to do it, (cue 🎶 I’m not as good as I once was …🎶 ) but it illustrates the point about letting the top of the deck be seen.”

Now here’s what surprised me:

In the day since posting that comment and five second video, I received many messages asking for pass tips, instruction, etc. While I far consider myself an expert on it, I have put in some road miles with it.

So, sometime over the next few days (weeks?) I’m going to post a password protected video with some advice. It’s free, but you have to be on the newsletter list to access it.

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Doc Dixon

PS: As of this writing, less than FOUR hours left on the presale for Invisible Knots, my favorite rope routine. Time to save ten smackers!

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