Road Stories

Several months back I was performing at a country club holiday party. Beautiful, swanky event. Ninety-five percent adults, but there were a few kids there. One was an eight year old girl. I ask her to help me with a trick.

“Hello, young lady. I’m Doc Dixon. What’s your name?”

She replies, “Hello, sir. My name is Dawn. D-A-W-N. Dawn.”
(The audience chuckled at the cuteness.)

I replied, “Well, thanks. T-H-A-N-K-S. Thanks.”
(Big laugh.)

She replies, “No. DAWN. D-A-W …”
(Huge laugh — including me — before she even finished spelling her name.)


That’s my story. I tell it in my shows. Don’t tell my story. Tell your story. You already have your stories. Just polish them up and tell them in your show.


One, they’re entertaining. They’re funny.

Two, great stories require no props.

Three, a great story can be used as a subtle commercial …”several months back I was performing at a country club holiday party.”

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Doc Dixon

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